Chief Mechanical Officer CMO

The CMO is in charge of the Mechanical Department, whose main mission is to maintain and repair the equipment that runs on the rails, called rolling stock, including but not limited to locomotives, passenger cars and freight cars. The CMO will oversee the management and operation of the mechanical facilities, which includes:  service tracks, where passenger cars and locomotives are fueled, cleaned, given a performance evaluation, minor repairs made and given some TLC; overhaul shops, where locomotives and cars undertake major repairs, such as derailment damage; car shops, where freight cars undergo mechanical inspections, scheduled maintenance and minor repairs and; maintenance shops, where passenger cars and locomotives undergo mechanical inspections,
regularly scheduled maintenance as assigned by the manufacturer and perform minor repairs of failed rolling stock.

In addition, the CMO makes company policies for the Mechanical Department; provides personal protective equipment and safety training for all employees; monitors scheduled and unscheduled maintenance of the rolling stock;  aintains records of work done on each piece of rolling stock; monitors the logistics of maintenance materials and repair parts; maintains a positive safety environment for workers under his employ; provides for the job related expertise of Mechanical Department employees by working closely with the Training Department to ensure employees have all the necessary education and on-the-job training they require to support the mission of the Mechanical Department.

Mr Wildermuth’s railroad career began when he applied to and was hired by the Southern Pacific Railroad and assigned to work in California, USA, as a locomotive electrician. During a ten year period of Class I railroad employment, he paid major attention to trouble-shooting failed locomotives and learning the operation of DC and AC traction systems. He also learned about switcher locomotives, low and high horsepower freight locomotives, remote controlled locomotives, distributed power locomotives, pneumatic air brake systems, electronic air brake systems, locomotive computer systems and the many differences between GE and EMD locomotives. Although his primary job was that of an electrician, Mr Wildermuth also learned about the diesel engine, both two stroke and four stroke, and the mechanical operation of a locomotive in general.

Upon moving back to New York State, USA, Mr Wildermuth was hired by the Upper Hudson River Railroad, a small seasonal tourist railroad, to perform the job of brakeman. The following year, his duties were expanded to include assistant operations manager, locomotive engineer, locomotive electrician, locomotive diesel mechanic, track maintainer/inspector, crossing signal supervisor/maintainer, and several other support jobs designed to keep this small railroad operating. Upon leaving the Upper Hudson River Railroad after five years of service, Mr Wildermuth was hired as a locomotive electrician by PanAm Railways and worked in Massachusetts, USA. Shortly after that job ended, Mr. Wildermuth went into railroad retirement. Later, he voluntarily came out of railroad retirement to be the CMO for Railnet International Inc.

Mr Wildermuth brings with him a can do spirit, experience with railroad safety in general and Mechanical Department safety, both mechanical and electrical experience, experience operating locomotives and passenger trains, the ability to get the job done and the talent needed in his field to make a great railroad company.

Certification/Licenses include:

  • Associates Degree in Electrical Technology (ASET)

  • Certified Locomotive Mover

  • Non FRA Certified Locomotive Engineer


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