Chairman & CEO, Mr. Kress is in charge of Railnet’s Operations. Prior to joining Railnet International, Mr. Kress had worked for New Jersey Transit Rail Operations where he was responsible for the safe operations and movement of trains on busy corridors, collection and remittance of revenue, instruction of new train service personnel and earlier in his career had worked in New Jersey Transit's Meadows  Maintenance Complex with the repair and maintenance of the railroad’s electric locomotives and passenger equipment. Prior to his tenure at New Jersey Transit, Mr. Kress worked as an Independent Contractor for Metro-North Commuter Railroad and the Staten Island Rapid Transit, and as an Egineering Technician for the New York City Department of Transportation in New York. He organized and directed a full range of data collection efforts for both the planning and transportation departments, which included training, scheduling and coordination. Reports included staffing, scheduling, manpower, run-time, and equipment utilization analysis. Mr. Kress currently works for Amtrak as a Performance Engineer in their track, B&B and ET departments. Mr. Kress obtained his B.S. in Passenger Transportation from St. Johns University in New York. Mr. Kress also worked for the Northern Central Railroad as their Rules Examiner, a Trainmaster, Road Foremen, Track Inspector, Car Inspector, Engineer and Conductor. Mr. Kress will be in charge of the design of the railroad, its construction, upkeep and operation. With 36 years experience in railroad operation, construction and management, Mr. Kress will guide the Railnet  International team through the process from design to completion of the Railnet International system.

  • Certified Locomotive Engineer, 49 CFR part 240 Road Engineers.

  •  Certified Conductor, 49 part 242 Grandfathered Qualified Conductor.


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